Challenges of Painting a Church

An expertly painted church in Melbourne, FL, is a beautiful sight to see, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy one to achieve. When making the decision to paint your church, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. The size of your sanctuary, the number of pews in question, the scheduling needs of your church, and the type of paint needed are all factors that can impact how long it takes to complete a church painting project as well as how skilled the painters need to be. Let’s take a closer look at some of these challenges and how a professional paint crew can help!

Size Matters

One of the most important factors in painting a church is the size of its sanctuary. Large churches tend to have large walls with high ceilings, for example, that can even prove too high for ladder use. This can present both a logistics issue as well as a safety issue, both of which must be addressed before the paint job commences. In order to properly paint the walls and ceiling of such a church, it will be important to determine whether scaffolding or a motorized lift option is the best choice. An experienced painting team can determine what option is the safest and most efficient for your needs.

Protect the Pews

Another issue that can complicate church painting projects is what, exactly, should be done with the pews. The answer to this often lies in the paint job itself. If you are only painting a few areas, then it might be possible to cover them with plastic rather than removing them completely. If the project is a bigger one, however, then this method might not be an option. Removing the pews is sometimes the best choice, particularly when they run a high risk of being covered in paint or of preventing the painters from being able to easily and safely reach the areas that need to be addressed. Professional painters who are experienced with church projects are the best option when pew removal and replacement become a necessity – they can help ensure that your sanctuary, and its pews, remain in great shape.

Scheduling Conflicts

Churches are, by nature, busy places. Many of them are home to numerous services throughout the week and the weekend, and it is simply not possible to cancel them. A professional painting crew in Melbourne, FL, should be able to work around your schedule however varied  it might be, in order to find a schedule that suits your congregation. It is equally important to stick with a team that is able to give you a tight time estimate rather than one that is vague. This ensures that you have a starting and ending date (or at least a good idea of one) for the work, after which time your sanctuary should be returned to normal.

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