Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok if I leave my home while the painting crew works?

Answer: Absolutely! Go ahead and run your errands or go to work. Our professional painters will be busy prepping, painting and cleaning your home or business.

Why should I hire a professional painter?

Answer: There are various reasons to hire a painter. One reason is that hiring a painter is more time efficient. Secondly, hiring a painter will ensure the area is properly prepped and cleaned, meets health codes and offers a professional finish. Instead of you doing the hard work and dealing with ladders, inhaling toxic fumes and spending time cleaning up, let us do it for you! Hiring us as your professional painters ensures the project will get done skillfully and efficiently.

How do I prepare my house for painting?

Answer: We ask that you clear the room of small and fragile items, we can move the bigger items when we arrive upon your request. Our crew will protect fixtures and furniture when we are preparing the area. As far as the exterior of your home or business we ask that any plants or shrubbery is cut back (about 2 feet from the walls) and that any outdoor /patio furniture is moved out of the way. Of course, if needed, we can help with this and do have materials to cover up furniture and items that cannot be moved.